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Leadership Lessons From Employee-Owned Companies

Have you ever heard that employee-owned companies can earn higher profit margins than their non-employee-owned competitors in the same industry?
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What is the Geek’s Dilemma?

Have you ever asked yourself: Why is it that top experts who are really smart, top in their field, and passionate, perhaps to the point of obsession, often do not get the level of success that is in alignment with the level of their talent? We lovingly call top experts who are both passionate and…
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Overcoming the Geek’s Dilemma

Last week we spoke about the Geek’s dilemma and what it is.
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Women in STEM Fields – The Power of Diversity on Success and Profitability of Tech Companies

What are the reasons to take a stand for more women in STEM fields (STEM = science, technology, engineering, and math)?  Why is it important to give women more opportunities to participate, not only at the entry or middle level but also at the top leadership level, in fields related to science, technology, engineering, and…
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