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The top notch consultant listens well

The Top Notch Consultant: 25 Critical Criteria for Hiring the Right Consultant

High-performance athletes know two things; one, they cannot coach themselves and two, their performance increases with a great coach. If you have a successful business, you have likely hired a top notch business consultant at some time or have considered it. Much like the athlete, successful business people know that there are times when a fresh…
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Business Power Plan Template

Simple Business Plan Template KISS

Can writing a business plan actually be simple and effective at the same time? Is there a simple business plan template and process for using it that leads to acceleration of success, yet does not require more than 4-5 hours of effort to finish? P5 Radio asked Dr. Stephie Althouse, Geek Guru, founder, and CEO of…
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How to Use Gender Diversity as an Edge

This blog originally appeared on Intelliversity on March 28, 2017, here. Robert Steven Kramarz, Executive Director of Intellivesity, is the author. See his bio at the bottom of the page. My first post on the subject of gender diversity on management teams may have created the false impression that I am indifferent to gender discrimination. So let me…
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What is a strategic audit - discover the Fresh Eyes Assessment

What is a Strategic Audit for Your Business? – Assessing Strategy and Status Quo with Fresh Eyes

Have you ever wondered what a strategic audit could do for your business? Would it be useful for your company and if so, how would you do it? Most importantly, what gold could you get out of a strategic audit, regarding results that will make a positive, transformational difference to your company? Answering these questions…
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Fresh eyes teamwork

The Top 5 Reasons Why Successful Companies Need Fresh Eyes Assessment

It is easy to understand why a company that has fallen on hard times and barely can pay its bills might need a turnaround consultant and executive coach. Such companies need help with assessing the business with fresh eyes and extracting which problems can be turned into profits the fastest. BUT Why Do Successful Companies…
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Leadership Lessons From Employee-Owned Companies

Have you ever heard that employee-owned companies can earn higher profit margins than their non-employee-owned competitors in the same industry? If you have a company full of talent, even if you don’t have any employee ownership program, you still might like to know: What Can High-Talent Companies Learn From Employee-Owned Companies? P5 Radio asked Dr. Stephie…
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