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The top notch consultant listens well

The Top Notch Consultant: 25 Critical Criteria for Hiring the Right Consultant

High-performance athletes know two things; one, they cannot coach themselves and two, their performance increases with a great coach. If you have a successful business, you have likely hired a top notch business consultant at some time or have considered it. Much like the athlete, successful business people know that there are times when a fresh…
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Why Hire an Executive Coach: 15 Reasons Why CEO’s Cannot Coach Themselves

Why would a business owner, CEO or executive, hire an executive coach? Well, one reason for sure is growth hacking. What CEO’s main objective isn’t to grow his company’s success? After all, he or she has set high goals, has an obligation to the company’s investors, shareholders and to their people. Since growth is the…
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Business Plan Toolbox: Brilliance Extraction for High-Expertise Businesses

Making the most of the knowledge of your key people (including yourself!) is crucial for growing and scaling up your business. Discover how to to do just that! This article is the second one in a series of blogs about the Business Plan Toolbox. If you didn’t see the first one, don’t worry. Here are…
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Business Plan Toolbox: What Makes High-Expertise Companies So Special?

High-expertise businesses are a special breed of business just like new home builders NSW They depend on high levels of expertise and talent in their field to provide their services, products or innovations.
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Simple Business Plan Template KISS

Can writing a business plan actually be simple and effective at the same time? When it comes to marketing why reviews matter in SEO ? Is there a simple business plan template and process for using it that leads to acceleration of success, yet does not require more than 4-5 hours of effort to finish?
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Increasing Profits, Making an Impact, Enjoying Work-Life Balance:

Do we have to pick one? Does transforming the talent of top experts (who we lovingly call “geeks”) “only” include increasing money (an obvious aspect of wealth)?
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