A Simple Business Plan: The Business Power Plan

Business Planning KISS Style

(KISS = Keep It Smart & Simple)

“A good engineer thinks in reverse and asks himself about the stylistic consequences of the components and systems he proposes.”Helmut Hahn,
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The Business Power Plan™ – THE Foundation for Rapid Success

As Harvard Business Review says, having a living business plan is one of the first items just about every entrepreneur has on his/her to-do list, for various reasons:

Either you need funding and a plan to show investors:

  • Start-up
  • New business segment is added
  • New round of investment needed

Or you are working on a transition point in your business:

  • Planning business growth
  • Managing hyper growth
  • Orchestrating succession
  • Preparing for selling the business

Harvard Business Review:

“People make business plans for all sorts of reasons – to attract funding, evaluate future growth, build partnerships, or guide development. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these plans are usually out of date by the time the printer ink dries. Business moves fast: the product’s features morph, new competitors emerge, or the economic climate shifts. When these changes occur, many people just throw their business plans out the window. For a plan to be truly valuable it needs to evolve with your company and stay relevant in the face of uncertainty.

One of the first items you’ll find on every entrepreneur’s checklist is ‘Write business plan’. The key is to create a living document.

Harvard Business Review article “Keeping Your Business Plan Flexible”, by Amy Gallo (September 2010)

The Challenges with the Traditional Business Plan

  • Long (often 30+pages) and time consuming to prepare
  • Costly to prepare
  • Not useful for running your business on a daily/ weekly basis
  • Most commonly such plan collects dust after funding has been received

Many times a simple business plan, using a much shorter format, is a more useful type of business plan. When considering giving a boost to your business, take a class on boosting your sales using online services just like fbamasterclass.io.

Even if you need a traditional extensive business plan starting with a simple business plan is more effective than starting with the writing of a full plan from the start.

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Discover the Business Power Plan™ as a Better & Faster Way

The Business Power Plan™ is a self-contained, powerful, 2-3 page business plan that can be used as the foundation for a larger, more in-depth plan.

  • Similar to a business plan executive summary one would find in a traditional business plan but with unique elements
  • Living, breathing document to keep your business on track
  • Contains:
    • What you envision
    • Why you are in business
    • What you are planning to achieve – both business and personal goals
    • What your strategies are to achieve these goals
    • An outline of your action plan
a simple business plan is a good start for fundraising and earning money

The Benefits of the Business Power Plan™

A tool for reflecting on your business and running it as easily as possible:

  • Get even more clear on all aspects of your business – this very powerful planning!
  • Receive feedback from a recognized business growth & turnaround expert
  • Discover blind spots and/or new opportunities to consider
  • Have a revolving 90-day action plan for success
  • If applicable, get prepared for funding
  • Create opportunity for more work-life balance

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As a “sniff test” for investors – is there interest?

  • Demonstrate CLARITY to investors, team members, collaborators…
  • Attract team members, collaborators, joint ventures, referrers etc.

Expand the plan and/or create pitch deck

  • Can be readily expanded into a full traditional business plan and/or pitch deck (it is much faster and painless that way!)

How We Do Create the Business Power Plan™?

Download your free Business Power Plan Template

It is a straightforward process:

  • 4 video conference sessions
  • We work with you to articulate and refine all aspects of your Business Power Plan™
  • We work by video with other and I share my computer screen with you and vice versa
  • We produce the Business Power Plan™ in real time together
    • Dr. Stephie types as she discuss your plan with you, asks you the right questions and organizes the results of the discussion

The result: Your 2-3 page Business Power Plan™

  • It takes only four hours
  • You get a powerful version of a simple business plan (the Business Power Plan) that you can use to run your business and can be readily expanded into a full traditional plan if needed
  • Amazingly affordable
  • You get recordings of our sessions
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Our business consulting and coaching clients overwhelmingly find the Business Power Plan™ instrumental to accelerating the growth of their businesses.

We offer the Business Power Plan™ by itself or as a part of a custom consulting/coaching solution. Learn More on what you’ll gain when investing on the services of a business consultant.

The Business Power Plan™ is also a great first step to begin Brilliance Extraction™, a process that gives you lots of leverage in

  • Growing your business
  • Planning for succession
  • Exiting the business

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Discover How  the Business Power Plan™ Puts Your Business on a Fast Track to Success

  • Discover that Business Power Planning™ is actually FUN!
  • Feel the power of a simple business plan that packs a bunch in terms of being useful!
  • Stop wasting time and money on tedious business planning approaches that don’t give you in return what you put into it
  • Identify investors, team members and collaborators faster than you ever thought possible with a crisply articulated message

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