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How to Write a Business Plan (KISS Style)

As business owners we know: We must plan our work and work our plan. Then why is it that so few of us do it? The answer is simple: Business planning is not usually experienced as being fun. To the contrary, we dread it. It is on par with having a wisdom tooth extracted. Ouch!…
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We All Have a Bottom Drawer” – Is There Gold in Yours?”

Discover the concept of the Bottom Drawer and how it may be affecting your bottom line, good or bad. In the video below, Dr. Stephie Althouse, CEO of Top-Notch CEO, is interviewed by Robert Donnell from P5 Marketing, about the “Bottom Drawer” concept. HINT: It swallows potentially profitable ideas, important projects and business planning that could…
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Digital Turnaround: How Your Online Business Gets Really Successful

Do you have a business that makes most or all its revenue online? Are you considering to rebuild your website to bring your business to the next level and accomplish your goals? Perhaps you are in the process of talking to web developers as we speak. You might be wise to consider a new concept…
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Business Plan Toolbox: Create Your Business Plan with Brilliance Extraction™

Wouldn’t it be great if business planning was refreshingly fast AND it pulled critical ideas out of your own head?  What if it also pulled valuable thoughts of your team members’ brains, too? Meet Business Power Planning paired with Brilliance Extraction and find out how you can accomplish two valuable things at once. Part 1:…
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The Top 5 Reasons Why Successful Companies Need Fresh Eyes Assessment

It is easy to understand why a company that has fallen on hard times and barely can pay its bills might need a turnaround consultant and executive coach. Such companies need help with assessing the business with fresh eyes and extracting which problems can be turned into profits the fastest.
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The top notch consultant listens well

The Top Notch Consultant: 25 Critical Criteria for Hiring the Right Consultant

High-performance athletes know two things; one, they cannot coach themselves and two, their performance increases with a great coach. If you have a successful business, you have likely hired a top notch business consultant at some time or have considered it. Much like the athlete, successful business people know that there are times when a fresh…
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