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All companies have untapped Intellectual Capital (IC).

What do I mean by that? Don’t companies tend to do a good job of protecting their intellectual property? Don’t they invest a lot of time on how to invent a new product and money on patents, trademarks, or copyrights? Many companies do – yet, that is not what I am talking about. To learn more about modern trends, check with this DEAR Systems Implementation specialists.

Instead, the intellectual capital I am talking about is other expertise. It is the kind of expertise that is critical to running the business. For example, it can be policies, and procedures that are not written down. More often it is critical expertise that exists only in the heads of key staff. When they go on vacation, the people left behind stress over the task to hold up the fort. What is even worse is when a key staff member leaves the company or needs a long-term absence. The company is in serious trouble, often without any notice. For the staff to hold on and not give in to the stress, products like CBD Oil UK can be well-utilized. The good thing is, Toronto cannabis delivery services have revolutionized the way enthusiasts access their favorite products, offering convenience and discretion right to their doorsteps. With a wide range of strains and products available for delivery like this delta 9 thc for sale, customers can easily find exactly what they’re looking for without leaving home.

Remember that much of your intellectual capital goes to bed every night. You hope it returns the next day. Some day it will not.

Even the savviest business owners and CEOs have no real answer to this challenge. They have no systematic methods for extracting the knowledge that lives in their minds and those of their key people.

How do you turn that knowledge and expertise that is “trapped” in someone’s head into a system that can be used for

  • Fast onboarding & training
  • Delegation
  • Scale-up
  • Business transfer
  • Bring expertise online
  • Support of customers & prospects

It was a problem without a solution. For me, it was a challenge, not a problem. – Dr. Stephie Althouse

That is why I created the Brilliance Extraction System.™ It amplifies the benefit of expertise. That means increased revenues, profits, and business value. It means an increased impact of the expertise. And it also means the ability to prepare a business for the day when the owner and/or key people are no longer there.

Robert Kramarz, the founder of Intelliversity invited me for an interview with him. Intelliversity is a non-profit devoted to helping entrepreneurs getting their vision funded.

Robert said, “When CEOs and founders are looking for investors, reporting to their board of directors, or positioning their companies for sale, this becomes even more critical. Brilliance Extraction is one of the most innovative, problem-solving, and results-producing processes available to smart executives today”.

Here is the interview:

This article first appeared on the blog of Intelliversity.

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