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Training and Coaching for Farmers Insurance Professionals

You know so much about your area of expertise: selling.  Discover what other ingredients you need to transform your immense talent into wealth.

Discover what wealth actually is, Top-Notch CEO style.

"Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important."

Stephen R. Covey, author of
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Farmers insurance professionals have the potential to experience more freedom than many other people, with respect to income, opportunity and time freedom.

Our motto is: “Think like a Top-Notch CEO and be rewarded like one.”

The sad truth is: Most sales professionals - not even at Farmers Insurance - do not know how to fully tap into the high potential of their opportunity for creating wealth.

Are you ...

  1. An executive working at Farmers Insurance?
  2. A district manger recruiting, training and managing agents?
  3. An owner of a Farmers Insurance Agency?

In all of these situations, your success depends on not just your skills in selling but also your ability to think and act like a business owner or a manager.

Our motto is: “Think like a Top-Notch CEO and be rewarded like one.”

Let's talk about two things:

  1. What is wealth?
  2. How come so many skilled sales professionals do not know how to fully transform their sales talent into building wealth?

What Is Wealth?

We think of wealth as a three-legged stool:

  • Make money/profit - and lots of it
  • Make a difference with what you are selling (of course, Farmer's products do that!)
  • Create a great quality of life for yourself and others
business consulting, executive coaching and leadership training with the "Transforming Talent Into Wealth" Philosophy

How Come So Many Farmers Agents Do Not Know How to Fully Transform Their Sales Talent into Building Wealth?


Top Notch CEO Sales Bucket List

What are the keys to transforming sales talent into wealth? How can you gain wealth, Top-Notch CEO style?

If you are like many great sales professionals, you have probably had good, even great training in sales plus a growing number of years of experience. Yet, chances are, no one has shown you how to create real wealth with your career (despite Farmers' excellent training programs otherwise).

By wealth, we mean wealth as we define it, as that three-legged stool we just showed you above.

Here  are questions for you to consider:

  • Do you earn as much as you would like to earn?
  • Do you wish your job could feel easier and perhaps more fun?
  • Do you struggle to find enough time for the rest of your life, outside of your work?
  • Do you have goals, both personal ones and professional ones, that you have not yet realized?
  • What is on your bucket list?

Let’s look at the three keys to transforming sales talent into wealth. These keys are critical to you as a professional and/or executive working in the field of sales if you want to create wealth from your talent.

The 1st Key to Transforming Sales Talent Into Wealth:

Think Like the Owner of Your Own Business

Top Notch CEO rock star

You might be hyper-focused on your sales efforts or on the efforts of your sales team and miss the bigger opportunity.

We invite you to consider that YOU are in fact the Top-Notch CEO of your team, business and life.  Take the view that this true at every level of your career in the field of sales.  Whether you are a selling yourself, overseeing a sales team or acting as executive, imagine the power this mindset can bring to your results.

This is especially true if you are the owner of a sales-driven organization. The buck stops (or starts) with you.

Imagine sales rock stars who are doing very well with their sales.  If they do not look at all their activities from a bigger business perspective, they never reach the (even higher) potential they could have.  What is more, they often do not enjoy the work-life balance and sense of freedom that quite possibly attracted them to being in this job in the first place. They are not thinking like a Top-Notch CEO.

Maybe it's time for you to think like a CEO rockstar.

The sad truth is: Most of us have never been taught how to think like a business owner. 

That is true in sales and almost any other professional field of expertise.

This brings us to ...

The 2nd Key to Transforming Sales Talent Into Wealth:

Discover HOW to Think and Act as a Top-Notch CEO of Your Business and Life

You are a SALES professional. You probably have taken some, if not numerous, courses on how to succeed in sales. You learned how to build rapport, identify needs, and got good a sales techniques. You have been trained on the products or services you are selling.  So far so good, yet ...

Herein also lies the "trap"...

Training on selling alone is not enough.  At least it is not if you want wealth in the sense we talked about above.

Until now, you probably have never been offered an opportunity to get proven, practical and down-to-earth, yet comprehensive training and coaching on how to

  • See yourself as a "Top-Notch CEO" of your career/business and your life - and act accordingly
  • Be a respected and effective leader for your team, at any level of the organization - from executive and sales manager to beginning sales professional
  • A business owner with a well-rounded acumen in business overall
business profits often get trapped by these 5 mistakes

Perhaps a quick workshop will fill the gap? After all, you have sales to do, and your time is at a premium.

This question brings us to the third key that is critical for transforming sales talent into wealth...

The 3rd Key to Transforming Sales Talent Into Wealth:

Get Proven Support For Becoming a Top-Notch CEO of Your Business & Life

Insurance sales agent coaching Top Notch CEO Sales Coaching

Knowledge is powerful.  Applied knowledge is unstoppable.

A quick workshop can help you.  It is a great start.  However, read on...

However, by itself, without further follow up, it is like getting a big, fancy Thanksgiving dinner. You feel like it was yummy and you might even feel stuffed and can’t imagine ever eating again. However, the next day, you are hungry again.

Support that is proven to work is consistent. If offers continuity, accountability and encouragement along the way.  It offers feedback and continued coaching. It does so in an affordable manner, with respect to both time and money.

The results are nothing short of stellar.

"Executive coaching has become a badge of honor."

- Harward Business Review

Every top athlete has coaches - several of them.  We can be your Top-Notch CEO Coach and support you in raising your game to an even higher level.  Your benefits are more personal and company success, greater income, enhanced work satisfaction; and even more fun and a greater sense of balance.

Our Clients

At Top-Notch CEO we work with sales professionals in 3 different roles:

1. Top Executives at Farmers Insurance

Top executives working with us become even better at both leadership and business - and the bottom line shows it.  They get confidential feedback.

Top Notch CEO Women in STEM

2. District Managers

Many managers of a sales district advance to this position by being a sales person themselves first. They likely were great at sales and became sales rock stars. As a manager of a team now, they embrace that being the leader of a sales team brings a different set of challenges than being a sales person.

Discover how to master these challenges with greater ease than you ever thought possible. Find out how to orchestrate, train and guide your team even more effectively than ever before.

Insurance sales agent coaching Emerging leaders with Top Notch CEO

Talent positioning enhances productivity and the bottom line. Treating people well, yet with enough guidance, is critical.  Life as a district manager comes with many challenges - make sure you get rewarded with all three prongs of the wealth stool!

3. Sales Entrepreneurs

You own your business selling a product or service (e.g., an insurance agency, brokerage, etc). Great for you! Now find out how to add some business accelerator fuel to that.

Discover how to think and act as Top-Notch CEOs of your business. Enjoy higher revenues, profits and personal income.  Accomplish that with less stress and more time freedom.

The entrepreneurs we work with, want to discover how to think and act as Top-Notch CEOs of their own business. They want to live their lives enjoying higher incomes, more company rewards, less stress and more time freedom.

Insurance sales agent coaching Top Notch CEO sales entrepreneur

What Others are Saying About Us

“My business had stopped growing at the rate I thought it could, and I knew that I needed some help. Dr. Stephie did an incredible job at identifying what makes my business special and helped me to maximize that uniqueness to help grow the business.  My business is running much smoother and more efficiently, and my stress level has dropped considerably.”

Bill Walsh

District Manager, Farmers Insurance

“Dr. Stephie Althouse is an insightful and creative consultant and executive coach. Her Fresh Eyes Assessment has been integral to positioning the company for higher profits. She has displayed tireless dedication, tremendous skill and beyond-the-call-of-duty commitment in guiding us in our efforts to create our family legacy.”
Eddie Moreno
Vice-President, Sales at The Arrowhead Leasing Company, Inc.
Top Notch CEO testimonials for executive coaching , consulting and leadership training

Save Yourself a Lot of Time, Frustration & Money and Learn From People Who've Been There and Done That

Dr. Stephie Althouse, CEO and founder of Top-Notch CEO, has extensive experience coaching and training top experts. Over the past nearly three years, she has been working closely with professionals at Farmers Insurance. She trains and coaches them to see themselves as Top-Notch CEOs of their business and life, to act accordingly and to reap the many resulting rewards.  Take a look at what our clients say (below).

Dr. Stephie, as she is often called, started out her career as Ph.D. chemist, award-winning scientist, and innovator.  She became a group leader heading up her own research area and then got intensely passionate about learning what it takes to successfully commercialize innovation.

MIT Technology Review Magazine recognized her as 1 of the 100 most promising young innovators under the age of 35. She won two coveted "Small Business Innovative Research" Awards as well.

Driving to succeed in her career and for her innovations to make a tangible difference in the world, she searched for courses on entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing and business.  Despite piecing her training together from these various courses over the years, she eventually had hit the ceiling of opportunity within the company whose business she had helped building.

Stephie Altohuse, Ph.D. offers leadership trainign and executive coachiing for geeks

To the shock of her colleagues, she quit her job and started her own company, consulting at the interface of technology development and business development.

Less than 3 years later, she found herself leading a client’s high-tech company - filled with very smart, tech-savvy professionals - out of serious trouble. She became the Visiting CEO™ and, through this work, built a reputation as a turnaround authority.  Working with her team, she raised revenues by 41% the first year.

A few "miracle turnarounds" later, Dr. Stephie Althouse (she goes by Dr. Stephie), was sought out to write and speak about her turnaround and business growth experiences.

Less than 3 years later, she found herself leading a client’s high-tech company - filled with very smart, tech-savvy professionals - out of serious trouble. She became the Visiting CEO™ and, through this work, built a reputation as a turnaround authority. Working with her team, she raised revenues by 41% the first year.

In response, she wrote her first book “101 Quick Tips for High-Talent Companies.” Along with the book, she developed an innovative system called “Transforming Talent Into Wealth™” which is now the basis of her work with individuals and companies. The system is simple and fast to get started and proven to work.

The system is proven to work. Take a look at what our clients say.

Then call us at 1-844-44-TNCEO (1-844-448-6236). Dr. Stephie will be happy to connect with you.

101 Quick Tips for High-Talent Companies
Top Notch CEO testimonials for executive coaching , consulting and leadership training

More Client Feedback

“Working with Stephie has been life changing and eye opening. Through Stephie’s guidance, my team is now maximizing their strengths, creating a much more efficient and productive business. More importantly, we are all excited to come to work every day! With Stephie’s coaching, I am now a much happier boss, wife and mother. I am not only reaching my vision, but I am also meeting and exceeding my goals.”

Jill Harris

CEO/President, Harris Insurance Agency,

Wow, I honestly did not expect to get so much value from Dr. Althouse’s “Top-Notch CEO Coaching Circle.”  In the beginning, I thought I already knew the tips we were discussing.  Then, as we got deeper into it, I realized that — to reach my goals faster and with greater ease — I needed to reflect more on many of the tips…  and, more importantly, (to) write them down instead of carrying them only in my head.  Many times when I’ve been promised tremendous business improvements through one program or the other, I have felt ripped off afterwards.  Dr. Althouse (from Top-Notch CEO), however, is the real deal and delivers way more value than you would ever expect.

Ted Przybylek

President, RanchoTed Real Estate Loans & Investments

“Dr. Stephie is a driven and highly energetic executive. She has kept the team focused, and the company growing, even during the recent economic cycle. Last year’s revenues increased 41%. Stephie has expanded the company’s portfolio of products and skills into new technology areas. Client satisfaction is very high.”

Jim Waring

Executive Chairman, CleanTECH San Diego

Call us and meet Dr. Stephie yourself.

She loves working with Farmers Insurance professionals. It is a great company with great people!

You might think “I’m not a CEO (yet)”.  Well, that’s okay because consider this:

Think like a Top-Notch CEO and get rewarded like one. 

It works!

You might be...

Top Executives

You are in charge of helping your company's managers to become even greater leaders.

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District/ Sales Managers

You are supporting your company's sales professionals in performing even better and in enhancing the company's bottom line.

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Agency Owner

You own your business selling a product or service (e.g., an insurance agency, brokerage, etc). Great for you! Now find out how to add some business accelerator fuel to that.

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