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We have a business consulting process that works and gets the job done.

How We Roll

A successful business can be complex with many moving, changing parts. A number of things affect profitability - not just the amount of sales. In our experience, the biggest impact of all is people - especially your high-talent, top experts and strategically placed ones who are essential to how well your company runs.

Productivity, efficiency, utilizing and capitalizing talent while minimizing turnover are critical to your bottom line. These positive factors, plus sales can make your business a well-oiled machine that maximizes profits. Of course the opposite it true also. Every company can use a tune up from an objective, trained observer from time to time.

Our business consulting philosophy is to be highly effective and always customized to your situation.

Our affinity for geeks (or top experts, innovators, high achievers - whichever name you prefer) is simple: We love working with smart people who demand the same in someone who supports them in the growth of their business.

Clients tell us that we are insightful and see the essence of challenges and opportunities quickly. That allows us to move from analysis to strategy and to action which means results come fast. Throughout the many years we've worked in business consulting, we consistently have seen clients growing, even doubling their business within a short time. You can expect breakthroughs because our methods make them inevitable.

We asked our clients to tell us what they think our business consulting "superpowers" are. Check out what they said and how we apply them to accelerate your success.

Our approach is one on one and adapts to your unique culture and goals. The superpowers are building blocks we use for your custom solution.

Our Business Consulting Approach

Business consulting leads entrepreneurs out of the maze
Business consulting and coaching for Women in STEM
Business Consulting to help hit your revenue and profit targets


For most of us, it is not so easy to clearly and succinctly articulate our vision and other areas of our brilliance. The reason is we are too close to be objective and frankly, we no one person has all the skills and talent it takes to run a business successfully.

It takes fresh eyes and an insightful brain that can connect the dots quickly, expose gaps and opportunities. It often takes an objective observer to see the right people have the right training and support. It has a powerful effect on the bottom line when you articulate what is missing and what is needed to grow.

You can't do this yourself no matter how brilliant you are!


The next step, which occurs quickly after or during the articulating stage, is a strategy. What are your goals? How do you want to get there? We will do a brain dump, sort it out, add, subtract, refine ideas and prioritize.  The 80/20 rule frequently applies once you reveal the gaps and opportunities. We find that priorities that will give you the biggest results first.

You will be surprised how fast we get this accomplished with your wisdom. What's key is you will end up with a powerful strategy that fits your company and sets a clear path to your ROI goals! In fact, you may have to adjust your ROI goals upward.

Strategy carried in your head is not actionable and slows you down.


We waste no time converting your strategies into tangible action plans. They are focused, realistic, distilled down to avoid overwhelm and adding up to fast gains in income, profit, team culture. Even freeing up time to spend with family or take a vacation without feeling like your business would suffer.

We also provide an important ingredient - executive coaching - in this stage that will make it possible to meet goals in a timely manner - accountability. We do this with great skill, compassion and success.

Working towards more leverage, legacy planning or exit from your business? We can help with that, too.

Who knew producing could be so fast and yet, so much less stressful?!

Our Business Consulting Mission: Transforming Talent Into Wealth

All of our work - from business consulting and coaching to training - is about transforming your talent into wealth. Wealth is money - yet, it is so much more. To us wealth is:

a) Making an impact with one’s talent and skills
b) Earning profits
c) Creating great quality of life

business consulting, executive coaching and leadership training with the "Transforming Talent Into Wealth" Philosophy

Our Clients

At times we refer to our clients (and ourselves) affectionately as "geeks" and that is a compliment.

What we love about "geeks" is how good they are at their craft (in all kinds of industries), and how passionate they are. Can you think of any major breakthrough in recent times where there wasn't a geek (or a team of geeks) behind it?! Exactly.

It is time that we refine the word "geek." For instance, investors who think geeks cannot be successful in business are short-sighted. Many "geeks" are perfectly capable and open to learning as much about business and leadership and assembling powerful teams as people with less expert background in whichever discipline. We are here as a resource - for geeks by geeks. We work with geeks in technology, all kinds of areas of innovation but also other areas of expertise, from insurance and construction to SEO marketing to Real Estate Loan & Investments. We attract geeks of different flavors and love it!

Most of our business consulting and coaching work is with high-talent CEOs of their own businesses and with professionals inside of innovative corporations who realize the tremendous payoff of fostering their subject experts into leadership positions.

Within this group, Women in STEM is an area that is near and dear to us. Read an interview with Dr. Stephie Althouse about opportunities and challenges for women in STEM here.

Business consulting and leadership training for geeks

Many of our clients have never worked with business consultants or outside trainers and said they wouldn't - until they meet us.

Give us a try - we are happy to gift you a free business consulting session that will bring you real value, and we can see whether we are a good fit for each other.

business consulting, coaching and leadership training with Dr. Stephie Althouse

We admit: We are a bit “geeky” ourselves.
Our CEO and founder, Dr. Stephie Althouse, is an award-winning technologist and innovator who then became an executive, turnaround authority, author, speaker, business consultant and executive coach.  She was sought out to write and speak about her turnaround expertise. She did and created the Transforming Talent Into Wealth™ system which is at the heart of the proven business consulting and coaching practices offered by Top-Notch CEO™.

We offer a proven system called

 Transforming Talent Into Wealth™.

The name of our company, Top-Notch CEO,

is about a mindset, not just a position.

Our motto is: “Think like a Top-Notch CEO and be rewarded as one!”

This is true, no matter whether or not you actually are a CEO.

Accelerating Your Success Through
Business Consulting, Executive Coaching and Leadership Training

Here is a quick snapshot of the vehicles we offer to accelerate your success. There is a lot of synergy between them:

  1. Our business consulting clients appreciate that we also have coaching skills. Therefore we don't just give you recommendations without your buy-in and we make sure implementation is actually happening.
  2. Our coaching clients tell us they love that we actually have run and even turned around businesses. Therefore, we are much more than "just coaches" - we have actually been there and done what our clients are seeking to accomplish.
  3. Finally, our training is not your typical classroom training but it is highly interactive and very focused on addressing what is happening in your business. We offer both virtual and in-person options.
Business Consulting via Visiting CEO
a compass pointing to the word talent in color red
Top-Notch CEO Academy offers executive coaching and leadership training

Business Consulting

We offer hands-on executive support when you need it most:

  • You want more revenue and/or profit (business growth or even turnaround)
  • Your business is in hypergrowth and needs streamlining and strengthening of its foundation for sustainable growth
  • You need to prepare for succession or exit
  • You want to improve the way you attract, retain and utilize top talent (Talent Positioning™)
  • You need a temporary CEO or executive to assist with your company's success

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is for both business leaders in top positions and for promising emerging leaders.  There are many situations that make having a confidential, highly business experienced executive coach an invaluable asset, e.g.,

  • Get feedback/ have a sounding board from your coach who "gets" you and has your back
  • Achieve your goals faster (and be very clear of what you want to achieve, why and by when)
  • Get to your goals with greater ease
  • Identify opportunities to get even more successful in ways that may be in your blind spot

Business & Leadership Training

Complement your experience and training (or that of your team) with our leadership and business training:

  • The Top-Notch CEO Launch program (Mindset and  Business Power Planning in 4 sessions)
  • The Top-Notch CEO Coaching Circle (comprehensive training and coaching in the entire "Transforming Talent Into Wealth" system in 12 sessions)
  • Accelerator Circles
  • Customized workshops for Women in STEM and other Top Experts ("Geeks")
  • Speaking at your corporate events
Top Notch CEO testimonials for executive coaching , consulting and leadership training

Client Feedback

Our business has doubled in monthly retainers since working the Top-Notch CEO Talent to Wealth program. Dr. Stephie helped us get laser focused on our niches and who are customers are. We were trying to be all things to all people. Now we lead with what we are brilliant at doing and work only with clients that appreciate and value our work. Her course and business consulting literally transformed our marketing agency.

Irene Donnell, P5 Marketing

“Working with Stephie has been life changing and eye opening. Through Stephie’s guidance, my team is now maximizing their strengths, creating a much more efficient and productive business. More importantly, we are all excited to come to work every day! With Stephie’s coaching, I am now a much happier boss, wife and mother. I am not only reaching my vision, but I am also meeting and exceeding my goals.”

Jill Harris, Farmers Insurance, Lic#0F70123,

ESOP and related options are far too under utilized. Stephie is a CEO SPACE Platinum leader in this space and her ability to place any venture in hyper growth and keep them there is so ahead of the pack of consultants she is in a league of her own. Stephie carries our corporate and my personal HIGHEST POSSIBLE ENDORSEMENT. Want to grow faster? Call her and just explore what is possible - no kidding on detail and tools and tactics no BS ever - just the truth.

BJ Dohrman, Founder of CEO Space

Dr. Stephie is a powerhouse. She has an innate skill to extract the knowledge in your brain and organize it. She then takes that knowledge and helps you put it together is a way that others can clearly understand your concepts. This is a critical business plan skill!

Robert Donnell, P5 Marketing

“Thank you for your strategic guidance and the “Fresh Eyes Assessment.  Through your leadership, and in a short time, we exceeded our expectations in revenue and profitability, and Giroux Glass has emerged as a stronger, independent employee ownership managed company.”

Anne-Merelie Murrell, CEO, Giroux Glass, Inc.,

Wow, I honestly did not expect to get so much value from Dr. Stephie’s “Top-Notch CEO Coaching Circle.”  In the beginning, I thought I already knew the tips we were discussing.  Then, as we got deeper into it, I realized that — to reach my goals faster and with greater ease — I needed to reflect more on many of the tips.  I am fleshing out my ideas in more detail and, more importantly, I now write them down instead of carrying them only in my head.  Many times when I’ve been promised tremendous business improvements through one program or the other and I have felt ripped off afterwards.  Dr. Stephie, however, is the real deal and delivers way more value than you would ever expect.

Ted Przybylek, President, Rancho Ted Real Estate Loans & Investments

Dr. Stephie’s CEO coaching program is right on the mark. It is pragmatic — no fuss — and gets you on point quickly. I appreciate the teleconference format as it makes it very easy to participate. It is obvious she has a lot of experience and has spent a lot of time researching and developing the program to get the maximum results. I highly recommend it for anyone that is driven to be successful and wants to further improve strategies and tools needed need to get there.

Karen Taggart, President, Shades of Light, San Diego

“Dr. Stephie is a driven and highly energetic executive. She has kept the team focused, and the company growing, even during the recent economic cycle. Last year’s revenues increased 41%. Stephie has expanded the company’s portfolio of products and skills into new technology areas. Client satisfaction is very high.”

Jim Waring, Executive Chairman, CleanTECH San Diego

My experience with Dr. Stephie was that she was very professional and she offered great insight into how a company should be run AND the tough decisions which need to be made.

Andy Gull, Project Manager, Giroux Glass

Top Notch CEO rocks! Dr. Stephie is adept at keeping you focused and moving forward, after she expertly supports you in developing your plan of action. The result? Your business will grow in the direction YOU want it to with you firmly in the driver's seat. Thank you, Top Notch CEO!

Sarah Coolidge, Director of North Tahoe Public Utility Board, Author and Message Wizard

For the past 6 months I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Stephie on a weekly basis. I must say, when I began, I did not think I was going to need the help of an executive coach for my business. I could not have been more wrong! She has been an invaluable asset, providing me with frequent feedback and coaching that has allowed me to go above and beyond at work and in my life. I highly recommend Dr. Stephie to anyone looking to grow their business and empower everyone around them. She is a dedicated asset and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.

Madison Meyer, Director for Business Development, Holonis Inc.

Dr. Stephie is an experienced business woman — with experience in diverse companies — including work with skills assessment, marketing, team building, sales, and leadership.  I highly recommend her!

Maureen Mason-Cover, Physical Therapist, Comprehensive Therapy

The Top-Notch CEO Coaching Circle and “101 Quick Tips for high-Talent Companies” book are very helpful.  They force me to step back, pause and reflect on what I want to accomplish, as well as review Hi-Z with a fresh perspective.  Beyond that, the peer group provides an outside viewpoint from other business leaders unrelated to Hi-Z.  Having this type of forum as a sounding board is invaluable.  Thank you, Dr. Stephie!

Jill Elsner, CEO / CFO, Hi-Z Technology, Inc.

What impressed me most about Dr. Stephie is her ability to motivate me to confidently tackle challenging tasks.  She truly cares about getting measurable results for her client and this is obvious from the initial consultation through the actual coaching program.  I would highly recommend her for anyone tackling a new quest or needing to be more effective in the current one.

Mark Baldwin, Founder and Principle, Urban Farm Opportunist

Fantastic CEO!!  Couldn’t ask for a better person to steer the ship of my company.  Great advisor, problem solver, people person, and system analyst.

Joy Megas, CEO, Simply Pay Yourself First

Ready for  
Transforming Talent Into Wealth?

We are also happy to gift you the electronic version of Dr. Stephie Althouse’s book “101 Quick Tips for High-Talent Companies.”