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Accelerator ST – Gold

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The Accelerator ST – Gold Membership costs $47/month and includes the following benefits:

  • Custom-designed exclusively for graduates of the Top-Notch CEO Coaching Circle™ and for 1-on-1 coaching clients who have sufficient knowledge of the Transform your Talent into Wealth™ (T2W) system
  • For Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs with a small team
  • Make your vision happen faster
  • Increase your revenues and profit, and your overall quality of life!
  • Group size is limited to 6 members

[box]Your membership consists of:

  • All the materials you had access to while being in the Top-Notch CEO Coaching Circle
  • New materials designed for accelerating your success
  • Additional webinars (one per quarter) with in-depth content
  • An interactive and global forum connecting you with top-notch, high-talent entrepreneurs, visionaries, innovators and professionals



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